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Ian Siegal (solo & w/ band)




Ian Siegal (UK) is definitely nót your average blues singer/ composer. His tunes and performances are 100% ‘Americana’; that unique blend of rock’n’roll, soul,

folk sounds etc. All deeply rooted in the tradition of both Blues and Country; the Godfathers of modern-day rock.  He’s  a multiple British Blues Awards winner, multiple US Blues Awards nominee, and hot tip of everyone from Mojo to Classic Rock magazine.

Apart from being a truly gifted guitar player, Ian Siegal’s voice – reminiscent of giant singers such as Howlin’ Wolf, Steve Earle, and Tom Waits – really stands out. His vocal grit is deeply personal; melodic and touching, yet razor-blade-sharp as well as grated and dusty like car wheels on a gravel road…


Ian teams up with the exceptional, Holland-based band Ciggaar Bros. + Ronald Tilegenkamp (Dry Riverbed Trio); ànd In is currently doing shows with his new B.L.U.E.S. project that also includes Mischa Den Haring (T99) and ‘Big Pete’ (Red Devils)! Enjoy the show!!


[Bookings for Holland: please contact Sjef Athmer at]


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Ian SIEGAL - caravan - SOLO_WEB.jpg



A national treasure.” – CLASSIC ROCK

One of the most innovative, gifted and engaging blues performers on the planet today.” – MOJO


Mike Sanchez





British singer, pianist and guitarist Mike Sanchez is one of the most exciting and charismatic performers of Rhythm & Blues and Rock 'n' Roll in the world today. His indelible image as a frenetic front man, pumping powerful boogie-woogie from the piano in a soaking suit, has won him fans from all over the world and attracted a following from many famous rock and blues legends who have lined up to work with him. Well known for his quintessential role in The Big Town Playboys, Mike also played a vital part as a full-time member in Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, fronting the band alongside Georgie Fame, Beverly Skeete, Albert Lee, Andy Fairweather-Low and Eddie Floyd on their annual world tours. He performed at the Led Zeppelin reunion at London’s O² Arena, and opened for his mate  Eric Clapton on numerous tours around the world.

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The Seatsniffers are probably Belgium's best, most popular, longest running and most international roots rock band.

The band started in 1995 and went on hiatus in 2012. In 2023, The Seatsniffers are back in their original lineup :

Walter Broes : Guitars - Lead Vocals

Roel Jacobs : Tenor / Baritone Sax - Vocals

Bop De Houwer : Bass - Vocals

Pete De Houwer : Drums - Vocals

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Fifty Foot Combo




It’s still alive… Even more then 25 years of Monstrophonic madness just couldn’t kill it. ‘The’  Combo still stands, 50 feet tall, and remains ready & able to turn your place into a mad graveyard party. You just say the word! (but mind your manners.)

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Amörtisseur? Motörhead songs in ‘plat aantwaarps ’ – that universal dialect that makes the Belgian city of Antwerp the very centre of the world (obviously). It’s raw, it’s funny, it’s bluesy, it’s spectacular, it's irresistible. (The same goes for that language, btw.) All in honour of the ragged glory of Lemmy Kilmister’s legacy. Their first album & single, “Véél te hard” & “Schuppenaas”, were instant hits amongst kindered spirits. And their live shows really took off, from there. In due time (Oct. 2018), the follow-up album “Ik hang het uit” (Starman Records) will be released. So ‘kom af, gaste! ’, and check out this trio live on stage – life will never be the same again. 

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Well Well Well





Call it: “North Mississippi Hill Country Jungle”; or call it whatever you want goddammit…

as long as you know you’re talking about R.L. Lesire on guitar & vocals;

a guy called ‘Easy G’ on drums;

and the one & only Lord Benardo on harmonicas!

That’ll set you straight. 


They'll play garage-boogie-blues, rough, straight and edgy;
they'll come to party, make you dance and have a good time;
they'll rock your joint allrite.


Smokestack Lightnin’




What is there to say about a band that played every club and festival on the continent, from Stockholm to Paris, from London to Vienna? That toured the US twice, and even was able to plug one of its songs in the Hollywood Roadmovie “The Big Empty”? That backed up rock’n’roll legends like Eddie Angel, The Planet Rockers, Sonny Burgess and DJ Fontana (Elvis’ drummer)? That captivates you time after time with its unique Rockin’ Country Twang, grabs you by the collar and drags you up & down the Honkytonk Hardwoodfloor? Just one thing… Oh please give us mo’!!!

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Big Dave







And even more ‘Big Dave’ is coming your way. This Antwerp blues harp colossus is now hitting the road as a duo, with Bart Mulders (Keith Dunn Band / Little Village) on acoustic and electric guitars, and as a trio as well with Bart and Willie Maze (The Electric Kings/TEE/Big Pete Blues Band) on drums.
Chicago- style Blues music  from the fifties an sixties; from Big Bill Broonzy over Sonny Boy Williamson II to Elmore James… to name but a few.




Bluegrass & Hillbilly Boogiemen





…Bluegrass? From Holland !? Well, why not. There’s plenty of ‘grass’ over there, as we all know; and it’s always greener than anywhere else, now isn’t it... For those of you who learned all about & fell in love with that type of music thanks to ‘that movie’ (and what a movie it was!!...): here’s the Real Deal. As the BLUEGRASS BOOGIEMEN they’re playing traditional bluegrass all the way; inspirational renditions of timeless classics & traditionals, as well as self-penned material. When they’re on stage as the HILLBILLY BOOGIEMEN, tender drops of Honky Tonk, Western Swing and even some Rockabilly are added to the mix.

But get ready to party either way!!

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World Famous fiddler Byron BERLINE singled the band out as “one of our ‘don’t miss’, ‘please have them back’ and ‘we love them’ groups…” after they had appeared at the international bluegrass festival in Guthrie (Oklahoma). From The Washington Post: “…the Boogiemen mimicked American music icons with absolute accuracy and joy…”. Bluegrass Now magazine wrote: “…they have the tightest harmony of any band we’ve heard”. And Bluegrass Unlimited magazine knew: “This is a highly entertaining band that comfortably handles a range of music with flair, taste and energy. Gosh, this is what the music world’s been missing, isn’t it?…” The Daily Oklahoman newspaper simply stated: “Bluegrass date?! Go Dutch.” after seeing them perform. And iconic legend Bill MONROE said he felt “proud” after seeing the Boogiemen – and especially mandolinist Arnold Lasseur – perform. It doesn’t get any better than thàt.


PD Martin






PD MARTIN (aka Piet Vercauteren), born in 1984, has been a guitarplayer since his 16th. He played in all kinds of bands, immersing himself in a wide range of musical styles

(rockabilly, punk, blues, bluegrass,…).

A few years ago he decided to start his own band to perform his self-written songs as a singer-guitarplayer. So he formed a raging powertrio with Joris Holderbeke (Charles Traveaux Blues, Mystery) on bass and Rien Gees (Big Time Bossmen) on drums.
This well-oiled funkmachine brings you soul and blues, straight from the gut.



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Belle Starr & the Boot Jacks




Once upon a time there was a mysterious, lonesome cowgirl. She was roaming the prairie, when suddenly she came across three outlaws... They seemed like a bunch of dangerous men; so naturally she joined them. The sun went down and the crickets started singing. Around the campfire they grabbed a few guitars, an autoharp, an upright bass and a drum set, and started playing. And everywhere they went, they burned up the town. So beware, because the fire is spreading!

Belle Starr & the Boot Jacks is a new band with an old soul. They all have experience in a wide range of styles and that’s what makes their sound so unique. With influences of country, blues and rock ‘n’ roll it’s nearly impossible to pin this band down to one specific sound... You better come and find out for yourself!

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    TT Syndicate




    Formed in early 2012 at Porto, Portugal, TT Syndicate is fronted by Pedro Serra and drummer Nuno Gomez, well-known members of The Mean Devils and 49 Special. Nuno Riviera, who fronts Os Tornados and plays bass with Nuno Gomez in the ‘surf-noir’ band Thee Chargers; Manuel Oliveira, also from Os Tornados, the man behind the thriving bass lines; and last, but not in the least: Hugo Lopes on tenor saxophone, Joel Rocha on baritone saxophone and Bruno Rocha on trumpet, fullfill the line-up bill… Their sound is an explosive cocktail of Rhythm and Blues, Northern Soul and 60’s Beat. Get ready to party in style…

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    Dry Riverbed Trio




    Dry Riverbed Trio from Dordrecht (HOL) brings a powerful mix of authentic rockabilly, country and blues, that takes you back to the ‘40s & ‘50s, the middle of the 20th century… This trio looks for the boundaries between genres to freshen up its music. Their enthuasism, fun and professionality is breath taking; and they manage to keep their fans in awe with their individual virtuosity. Obviously, these band members do not lack experience. Frontman Dusty Ciggaar f.i., ‘King of the ‘roots’ Twang’, guitar virtuoso par excellence, plays with British blues legend Ian Siegal on a regular basis. The band recently played the Ramblin’ Roots festival and Moulin Blues.


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    LiNK !






    1958. When Link Wray released the thrilling, ominous "Rumble", it became one of the only instrumentals ever to be banned from radio play – for fear that it might incite gang violence. Fifty Foot Combo, the Whodads, thee Andrews Surfers, the Revelaires… all of them Belgian Ghent-based Surf/instrobands stepped in the trail of Link Wray, playing and honoring his songs, writing their own material following his recipe of power, danger and attitude. Thee Andrew Surfers ( = 50% of Fifty Foot Combo...) now team up with Steven Janssens (Whodads, Revelaires) to honor Link Wray and play this cat’s very best work.  



    The Revelaires




    Ghent-based The Revelaires keep the spirit of twang, western spaghetti, rumble, surf, spy & ‘Space’ alive with plenty of precision, tight guitars, an and all-round hot sound! And that’s really all you need, basically… This five-headed monstro, originally a spin-off of The Whodads, saw its first daylight as a result of the ‘mating’ between The Ventures, Dick Dale, The Surfaris, Link Wray and Henri Mancini. Blazing Hot Fender metal strings, stubborn old Hammond wood, Turkish cymbals…

    Put on “In Orbit” (Kinky Star, 1999), their debut album, to get you back in the mood!


    Thee Shoe Shine Shakers

    (DJ collective)





    ...‘Moodular’ Music & Shoe Shine A Go-Go!

    These three fine shinin’ gentlemen leave no opportunity forgone to turn every imaginable human gathering into a ’50s and ‘60s teen dance. Wherever they sprinkle their magic, time flees and you find yourself bravely feasting, mid-20th-century style,

    before one could say “…giddy-up-a-ding-dong!”.


    One gentleman is spinning the wax of pop, soul, rhythm and blues, blue beat and boogaloo at 45 rpm; whilst the two other gentlemen are shinin’ your shoes if you’d let them… perfectly in-sync with those golden grooves, these diamond-like beats of old.


    So get shined by Thee Shoe Shine Shakers!!

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    Bob Wayne







    Bob Wayne’s carreer ànd life looks like a never-ending concert tour c.q. road trip. Singer, songwriter, filmmaker, folk hero... And yes; he keeps on being on the move – touching new grounds with every visit he makes… Be it with his band, the Outlaw Carnies, or without them: Bob’s your uncle. Will you see a bearded lady? Unless you go, you'll never know…

    Bob Wayne is a Twinstreet Bookings exclusive for Belgium.

    the rest of Europe: please contact Sedate Bookings – ]

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    Rejoyce, rejoyce: Antwerp-based cult band 44RAVE is bàck. Even more than ever; cause they’re currently working on their first full album. This legendary Dutch/Belgian quartet with ‘Big Dave’ Reniers (harp), Stan Aarts (guitar), Sjang Coenen (bass) & Antoni Foscez, has been channeling their inner tensions into musical performances and compositions since 1999; carefully - and uncarefully - balancing on the intersection between blues, punk and ‘disceau’…
    It goes without saying: you picked a fine time to book ‘em.


    44RAVE PIC 2021.jpg
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    After a period of introspection, the O’Haras – the Emperors of Power-Surf-a-billy since 1996 – have decided to return to the stage. And that might very well be your stage, if you ask ‘em nicely… With new member Bart Deckers (Amörtisseur) on bass, the band is 100% ready for a complete take-over of the Belgian roots scene nowadays.

    O'Haras main mission has always been to convey the original surf music passion, taking you with them to Californian beaches, Spanish bodegas, Arabian deserts... and having a hell of a party along the way. Their music is an instrumental melting pot of surf, rockabilly, punk and western; spiced with ska, flamenco and jazz. 


    They toured extensively in Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, England and Tsjechia, a.o. They released three critically acclaimed albums, made several television appearances and were regulars on the national Radio 1 broadcasting rotation. 

    The O’Haras are pure instrumental passion, straight from the heart... and the balls!


    LINE-UP:     Bruno Janssens: drums / Bart Deckers: bass / Erwin Dillen: guitar / Bert Jackobs: trumpet /

                     Steven Wynen (+ Jan. 27, 2016): spirit…